Happiness congress Finland


Gather as many experiences as you can! When I was invited to the Young Sietar congress, I was intrigued. An organization to stimulate young folks coming together, great! Cross cultural, even better! Cross cultural young professionals coming together to sharing knowledge. Excellent!

So I booked a ticket to Tampere, Finland, where people are happiest. On Wednesday we were emerged into Finnish culture to explore as to why. Our finding: fins are content with what they have and don’t have to worry about the day of tomorrow. Their silent friendliness is inspiring. I felt kind of Finnish already)))

Some happiness inspiration:

  • Story telling: tell your own personal story. When you share what has defined you, you will connect and the path is open for happiness.
  • Fins: what makes them Fins = what makes them happy. Content, polite, simple, 3 second rule and arm length.
  • Happiness by connecting. How to find happiness as an expat? How connecting with local people makes for a happy time abroad. You might find yourself staying for life…
  • Release your happiness. Stop and recognize what is happening. You will have a lot more happy moment if you stop and take them in.


Enjoy happy and unhappy moments every day! Small and big. And grant yourself happiness, whatever is going on in your life or in the world.

My stable furry source of happiness was spot on when I arrived back home. Woef!


Join next time?

Check the website of Young Sietar, connect and stay in touch!

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