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Join the Brick-Method summer course and get access to the most important and inspirational models and methods.
During the August summer course we post a video every day.

Bullit MBM - geel  Subjects posted so far in this summer course

  • Masterclass Steve Jobs: 7 principles of success
  • Start with why – Simon Sinek
  • 7 habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey
  • Time management
  • Talk like TED (see also top 20 watched TED talks for inspiration)
  • TED-method – Chris Anderson
  • Become a master of communication – Remco Claassen
  • Persuasion and influence – Pacelle van Goethem and Cialdini
  • Lego case – brick-by-brick – David Robertson
  • Understand your type and difference between people: MBTI introduction
  • 1 of 4 MBTI type pair: Extroversion and Introversion: about energy and focus on outer or inner world
  • 2 of 4 MBTI type pair: Sensing and Intuition: about what kind of information you want
  • 3 of 4 MBTI type pair: Thinking and Feeling: about the way you make decisions
  • 4 of 4 MBTI type pair: Judging and Perceiving: about the way deal with planning
  • Type and type dynamics: each type is different and have different talents
  • Type dynamics exercise: perceive and need Sensing and Intuition

Bullit MBM - paars  What, How & Why Summercourse

Why: Boost your skillset, learn about yourself and get closer to your ambition.

How: online training and MBTI®

When: August 2016


  • 23 online trainings about leadership, communication, presentation, career and personal development
  • In English
  • Watch and re-watch
  • 7 sessions on MBTI®: learn about personalities, do the official questionnaire in your own language* and get your own personal MBTI profile report
  • Can’t make it one day? No problem, the courses are available for the whole month
  • Unlimited questions and feedback

* 15 languages available

 Cost: € 49,95 including a personal MBTI profile

€ 19,95 excluding a personal MBTI report


Bullit MBM - geel  Facebook community after the summer course

After the summer course we will start a facebook community for summer course participants. Here you will find exercises for the skills, MBTI and career planning to explore the topics in more detail.


Including personal MBTI profile

*** Free online beer-cocktail workshop! ***

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