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Achieve your goals and ambition as a Youngpro to grow and succeed in your career

Invest in your personal development and career; from the start. Program for young professionals


Improve your skills and confidence with the Youngpro program to set an excellent performance. Add more time to learn and get to know your own talents. Also learn to trust and share your talents. Especially within large multinationals it is challenging not only to use your talents, but also to make them visible and acknowledged.

You will be trained and coached by the best trainers and coaches. Our people are experienced young professionals. They have earned respect in large corporations by their experience and performances. The focus of the program is to add skills to your business and performance that will help you succeed and grow as a young professional. Fast and pragmatic.


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 6 training sessions

  1. Communication: about effective communication and influencing people. Communicate your message to achieve your goals.
  2. Presentation: prevent a snoozefest and keep your audience sharp to achieve your presentation goal.
  3. Know yourself; what are my talents and strengths? What can stand in my way? Learn how people are different and react differently to instruction, managementand motivation.
  4. Profiling: being good at your job is great, but it is even better when people notice your greatness. Learn to communicate your succes in a way that suits you. .
  5. Manage yourself: be effective and learn to keep balance.
  6. Manage someone: leaderschip and getting things done – leading and influencing others directly and indirectly.

Several guest speakers, inspirators and experts share knowledge and experience to help you grow as a young professional.


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 Individual coaching

Continue topics and specific (work related) cases from your own environment with your coach. Once a month you will have the opportunity to work on your cases and practise. You can also deepen the knowledge on your personal profile and discuss your experiments with the trained material. Your coach is also available on the coachapp at any time during and after the program.


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During the program you have access to your coach with an app. You can ask questions anytime and will receive feedback and advise when you need it.


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 Peer group

You will be part of a group of young professionals. You will also learn by sharing experiences with each other. During the training, but also on a day-to-day basis via the app.


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 Youngpro planning and costs

The Youngpro program is 6 months

15-25 people per group

€ 95,- a month (6 months).

Afternoon (15.30 tot 18.00)


Evening (19.30 tot 22.00)

The following Youngpro programs are now open for registration. If you would like to plan a closed program for your group, please contact


New programs will start in september


Please contact us for any questions you might have.